The curriculum I follow is the Early Beginnings Preschool Program. It's an excellent resource which offers:

  • An opportunity for children to "learn how to Learn" by helping them discover answers through hands-on learning activities that stimulate their curiosity and creativity. 
  • Language development, as well as thinking and motor skills.
  • Interaction with other children through cooperative learning activities together with social skill awareness; i.e., good manners and appropriate ways to behave.   
  • Curriculum activities that foster a positive self-image in each child and facilitate in their intellectual, social, emotional & physical development. ​
  • Teacher flexibility within the curriculum to adapt activities according to the needs of the child.

Why us?

Caring for your child is important to me and I love what I do. 

 I have been taking care of children for 28 years I'm a loving mom of three daughters.

I have two that has graduated from college and one in college.